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August 11, 2016

My first picture ID was taken in 4th grade. I was 9 years old. My height was 4'9''. My weight was 145lbs.

I have been obese since I was a kid.

By the age of 5 I had earned my Master's Degree in Biscuits and Gravy.

Grandma told me I wasn't fat...but, Husky. Wrong. I was fat. Very fat.

Maybe this is TMI b...

July 14, 2016

Let's not get tangled up in the wording. Starting. Planting. Building. Launching. Whatever. This isn't a dissertation its a proclamation of our faith and of the passion that our faith has ignited. Disclaimer: there are days when faith is short and passion has waned; but, by the grace of God, it exud...

May 26, 2016

King David wasn't always a fearsome King. 


He was once a young shepherd boy with a scrawny flock of sheep, a geezerly dad, some pessimistic brothers, and a jealous leader surrounded by cowardice troops fighting for his future and the future of a nation. But he also had a humble heart and deep faith...

May 18, 2016


We are all called to sit with Jesus. 


There is great value in the philosophy of walking with God. Walks produce good conversations and fond memories and allow for experiences one would otherwise never enjoy. Walks are good. But when I sit down over a meal, or for a coffee (my favorite), ...

March 16, 2016



There are few things that people can say they have done for 20 years. Only the rare individual holds a job for that long. Only the even rarer, a marriage. For me, there is hardly anything except personality and struggle that I have held onto for so long and even those have changed in large form. 



January 15, 2016

The fall has come and past. Now we sit in the middle of a Georgia winter. Which, if you have ever experienced one, is a fickle season of warmth and rain, and cold that becomes bitter when the wind blows.



Brandy and I were honored to be invited to join many families from church for their...

December 30, 2015


2015 was filled with ups and downs. Just like every year before it. And every year to come. Its just life. Even when everything is going your way, there will be down days. 


Some folks respond negatively. After all, we are all kind of wired to respond that way. We dont like the pain, the loneliness,...

November 16, 2015



I stand in one spot for hours at a time. Reaching and grabbing to my right, transfering to my left. First the sliced chicken crossaint, then the black forest ham on rye. One sandwich after another placed so closely to the other that the meat from one overlaps the next. Oops. The tomatoe just fell...

October 10, 2015


I remember growing up. My grandparents raised me. And I was always doing something I shouldn't have. Something to offend them. Something to get into trouble.


As a young teen I struggled with several monsters. Obesity and anger were two that were with me everywhere I went. One of them you could see...

September 4, 2015


I cut my teeth in youth ministry. 


A simplistic, old school, traditionally styled, strict theology youth ministry. 


I was a part of the generation that the church turned away by refusing to adapt to what attracts people like refusing to refusing change.


Only a very few of us hun...

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