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May 18, 2016


We are all called to sit with Jesus. 


There is great value in the philosophy of walking with God. Walks produce good conversations and fond memories and allow for experiences one would otherwise never enjoy. Walks are good. But when I sit down over a meal, or for a coffee (my favorite), ...

August 3, 2015

Since my last "Intern Update" (read here), the main body of the summer has come and gone. I have traveled and worked and transitioned over and again from one thing to the next.


In June, I had an opportunity to participate in a "church planter's retreat" which was an incredible experience in the moun...

April 2, 2015


a little drama.


Its hard to believe that Brandy and I have been in Georgia for 2 whole months now. 

Time has flown by.


But, somehow, at the same time...


It has dragged.


Its kind of unexplainable, really. How these two months have treated us. They have been great...but still yet, they have been roug...

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