(Stop) Letting Go & Letting God

We all realize that there are times when 'things' are out of our control. Times when there is literally nothing within our power that can be done or decided to impact a particular outcome.

During these times, a phrase was branded that is accurate, Biblical, and helpful.


However, this phrase has been used and abused for years as an excuse for lack of knowledge, lack of motivation, and even a lack of desire to really see a change.

The LET GO AND LET GOD mentality needs a serious reality check among our churches and Christian friends. We need to depend on God while we understand that God also chooses to depend on us.

That's right. God depends on us.

Not because He is in need of us or anything we can offer; but because He loves us and wants us to experience the encouragement and challenge of being an integral part of His work.

Many times, to STOP LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD might sound more like one of these, practically...

- LET GO of being lazy and put a little personal effort towards what you are praying for

- LET GO of talking about 'praying about it' and promising to 'pray about it' and actually devote some real time to 'pray about it'

- LET GO of speaking the spiritual jargon of 'its in God's hands' because we already know that it is and start realizing that He has placed some of what is in His hands into your hands.

- LET GO of simply fantasizing about God's provision and trust Him to provide as you put forth a valiant effort.

No doubt, these statements will be offensive to some, foolishness to others, and even still encouraging to others. How ever you take them, realize their truth. Realize the challenge in changing your thinking in these matters. It is not easy and will not be easy; but it will be beneficial to you and glorifying to God!

When we LET GO it should LET GOD work in us and through us...not just for us.

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