A Letter to Family & Friends

In August Brandy and I paid a large chunk of money to participate in an official assessment by successful church planters and church leaders to gain an honest depiction of our spiritual calling to plant and lead a new church (in Roanoke, VA). After being grilled and shredded by the assessors for 4 solid days, we were given the "green light" which told us that we were, indeed, hardwired by God in such a way that we could plant and lead a life giving church.

This was huge news! Very encouraging! Very rewarding.

In October, we spent a weekend with 2 of the assessors. It was a tiring weekend. Both Brandy and I learned a good bit of what all it takes to pull off portable church in a modern setting. We shadowed leaders, worked up a sweat, and met some fine folks. We enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner with the Pastor and his wife (assessors). We confirmed the direction we needed to head in order to move forward in partnership for planting: a 2 year internship consisting of a move to Locust Grove, GA on the south-side of Atlanta.

This was also huge news! Very troublesome. Very challenging.

For nearly 2 months we wrestled with our decision. Were we facing an obstacle or being given an opportunity? After praying, and crying, and wrestling, and banging our heads we could no longer fight the fact that what was before us was an opportunity from God.

An opportunity to learn much needed principles of church leadership including behind the scenes stuff like budgeting, hiring/firing, weekend service design, vision setting and vision casting, and more.

An opportunity to grow as people, as followers of Jesus, as members of the church and leaders in the church, and as a couple.

An opportunity for growth and change in our city, the people who are already supporting our mission, the people who will someday support our mission, and the people who we will reach for the Kingdom.

Absolutely. There are some obstacle-like features of this decision.

Leaving family and friends.

Leaving our newly purchased house.

Minimizing my successful flooring business.

Parting with so many blessings.

Still yet, we see this as an opportunity. One that we believe God has laid before us. One that we believe we should experience. One that we are thankful for though it doesn't come at a cheap price.

Currently, we are looking to move in February of 2015. This date has been set based upon responsible choices in stewarding our blessings as well as we can. Brandy is able to keep her job with a monthly trip back to Roanoke and I have an employment opportunity that will get the bills paid and allow me to travel back home with her each month. Blessings, no doubt.

With all of this in mind, we ask for your support; both morally and prayerfully.

Pray for us consistently, that we will trust the Lord as He entrusts us with His mission and that the process we are embarking upon will be life giving and life changing; something that only Jesus can bring to the table.

Talk to us about your questions or concerns rather than others, even if you think they would know...we are the only ones who can give you fully accurate information; being sensitive of the feelings and emotions that other friends and family of ours may be dealing with during this time.

Thank you!

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