"All Lives Matter"

For several months the media has been touting the phrase "Black Lives Matter"

and in a fit a racism and rage my white, republican friends have posted about the fact that "White Lives Matter."

The thing that both parties is overlooking is the fact that "All Lives Matter."

Jesus didn't die for the white or the black.

And did you know that Jesus wasn't either of those Himself?

Jesus was middle brown. Like the arabs many of you make fun of and put down on a consistent basis. I believe that many people of the black population have been unfairly treated, more by the everyday, semi-racist white people than by any legion of public officers, though by them as well. I also believe that a great many white people in today's age suffer scrutiny and levels of suffering at the hands of the black.

Truth be known. Racism, though not what it used to be, is still alive and strong. I don't know that it will ever be fully resolved, this side of eternity. And while I can't preach to those who go their own way in life...I can rebuke the "Christians" who are participating in any dose of racism.


You claim Jesus, His Salvation, His Spirit, His love, His grace, and His truth.

Well all of that says that we are equal. All of that puts blacks and whites on the same page.

All of that means the sins of whites damns us to hell just like the sins of the black.

Or that their sin is covered and cleansed in Jesus' just like ours.

Are the riots and rebellious acts in the streets of our Country pleasing to God?


But neither are your racist quotes, posts, and mindsets.

What is pleasing to God is when His people do the right thing by each person, not based upon the color of skin or even the character of heart but upon the grace and truth of Jesus.

"Red & Yellow, Black & White. They are precious in His sight."

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