F.A.Q.s About Our Move to ATL

Back in December Brandy and I began to share a BIG decision that we had recently made. I wrote about that HERE. Since that announcement, we have been asked more questions and variations of questions than I could ever recount. But there are a few that I wanted to take a moment to answer publicly. So here we go...

What are yall going to do about your jobs?

By God's grace and through some awkward conversations, Brandy has been granted the freedom to keep her job with Carilion and work from home in Georgia. This will insight a monthly trip back to Roanoke for a few days to allow her to attend the required all-staff meetings. If you want to pray for this situation...just pray that we will have safety on the road each month, that our internet provider in ATL is strong and fast, and that the team she works on keeps up production so as not to eliminate those who work from home.

As for me, its a little more complicated. I will be "minimizing" my custom tile business here in Roanoke, taking on projects for the times I am back in town...and I will be working a part-time job in ATL to make ends meet. If you want to pray for this situation....just pray that the interview and integration to the new company goes well and that I continue to pick up tile (or other) projects here in Roanoke when we are in.

What about your house?

As most of you know, Brandy and I purchased a house in Roanoke City back in May of 2014. It is a 4-square house that was built in 1925 and recently remodeled to reflect the grandeur of the old days. We love it and the location, just outside of downtown, close to the greenway, and everything else. I remember when our realtor stuck the "for lease" sign in the lawn a couple of months ago. My heart ached. But God has been lining the ducks up since before we even made the decision to move. A couple from South Carolina are going to be leasing our place for exactly 24 months (the time we plan for the internship in ATL).

If you want to pray for this situation...just pray that these folks will be loving care-takers for our home, that they find the blessings of God while living in our house, and that nothing major happens while we are away that requires fixing.

What is this internship "thing" all about?

This opportunity is one that I have been praying for, for a long time. I just didn't know it. Brandy and I have prayed for the Lord to provide us with what we need to start a church in Roanoke. The internship seems to be the answer to that prayer.There are A TON of "what ifs" and "unknowns" in this whole thing but we believe it is going to turn out for the best. Ultimately, its about finding first-hand training, experience, resourcing, and support from people who have already gone and already done what we are embarking upon in the name of Jesus. It is about being well prepared in launching a healthy ministry that reaches people for Jesus in a strong and relevant way. It is about Jesus!

If you want to pray for this situation...just pray that we will be able to make the absolute most out of this time. We understand that we are not in a season focused on making money, enjoying a relaxed and comfortable life, or even a season defined by our previous blessings or success. We are in a season of growth...and growing, in any fashion, has pains associated with it. So pray that we will embrace the pains, enjoy the change, and be able to move forward as strongly as possible!

Thanks yall,

Adam & Brandy

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