Intern Update .1

Over the past month, Brandy and I have been meeting new people and learning the systems of set-up and tear-down at Relevant Church. In case you didnt know it...we are interning at Relevant for 2 years.

Relevant is currently a portable church. Which pretty much means that everything they own and use to "do" church gets set up each week and packed away again after each service. They do church in a modern and relevant way and focus more on reaching people far from God than those who may simply be looking for a new church to attend.

You can check out their site by clicking HERE.

In addition to set-up and tear-down each week, Brandy and I have been serving in various areas and learning certain roles by shadowing current leaders. Brandy chose to shadow the production team; they run the sound, lighting, video, and other related stuff. I am shadowing the campus pastor each week learning everything from detail oriented final touches to the sytems in place for the parking lot, youth, guest services, and more.

Aside from the church world...Brandy has picked up a grove in working from home in the new appartment and I have am in week 2 of training in my PT position with QuikTrip Kitchens where I am a part of their menu item assembly team.

If you wanna pray...

- I am slightly concerned about how my early morning work schedule is going to impact my ability to fully engage in functions with the church and my internship.

- I am also somewhat concerned about whether or not I will be able to obtain enough hours on a PT schedule to make financial ends meet.

- Both of us desire to make as many friends as we can while we are in this new setting. So far, we are off to a good start but please pray that we can nurture these relationships and delve into new ones.

- Our family back home is missing us and we are missing them. You can pray for endurance and comfort for all of us and that we will navigate this season in a way that is honoring to both Jesus and each other.

Thank you!

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