He Has Loved Me.

19 years ago I was 6 years old.

I had just entered into that time of life when a child moves from innocence to guilt. Guilty because I now knew the full difference between wrong and right, good and bad.

Only a year or so earlier, when I was in the phase of practicing my name, address, phone number, and artistic scribbling on any piece of paper I could find, my grandparents took me to a small church in a rough neighborhood. They didnt have a kid's program so I sat on the floor and "practiced" on the bulletin.

When we left, we left my information on the pew. The pastor found it, visited my grandparents the week after, and it wasnt long until we were "going" to church at Harvest Baptist every week.

A year later, when I was six...I grasped the basics of Jesus' love and sacrifice and trusted Him to save me. It was a moving experience. It was one that would change my life and my eternity.

For years, to my disdain, I rebelled in various ways against my Savior. I wont list them now. Just know that for a long time, so much of what I was a part of...wasnt pretty.

Things began to change when I went on a missions trip to Mexico in 2004.

Everything changed in 2008, 12 years in my new life in Jesus, at a Christian camp in South Carolina when God wrecked me every night of the week in light and in spite of my sin and selfishness. The final night of that week, He challenged me within my spirit, by His Spirit, to surrender to more that just His status as Savior...but also to give Him the position of LORD.

Since then, He has allowed me to be a part of some great things.

He has placed me in a leadership role to many.

He has allowed me to play a role in the salvation of more than I can count.

He has humbled me. Broken me. Fixed me. Blessed me.

And through it all, whether I was in the right or in the wrong...


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