Intern Update .2

a little drama.

Its hard to believe that Brandy and I have been in Georgia for 2 whole months now.

Time has flown by.

But, somehow, at the same time...

It has dragged.

Its kind of unexplainable, really. How these two months have treated us. They have been great...but still yet, they have been rough. I guess this whole situation is kind of paradoxical in that it is both sides of a conflicting story. It has been the protaganist and the antaganist all wrapped up in an epic storyline with no real climax.

It has made perfect sense; yet left us wondering...

what is going on?

what is God up to?

what is this all going to look like tomorrow?

We dont know! So we embrace the positive and push away the negative and simply move forward knowing that God is for us...and with that in mind...we know that no one and nothing can really be against us.

a little fact.

Since the last "Intern Update" several things have changed...

- I have just about nailed down the details of Saturday setup, Sunday morning pre-service prep, Sunday services, and Sunday post-service teardown. - I have been selected to work with a regular at Relevant to reform and lead the "Frontline" teams. This is all about guest services and first impressions. We will be leading two groups of people: The Parking Lot Team, which are the guys who help each person find an appropriate parking spot with a smile :) and The V.I.P. Team which is the group of folks who literally greet every single person (especially first time guests) as they walk from their car to the building.

- Brandy is now on a 3-week rotation of serving on The Production Team, which does all of the lighting, video, and audio for all services. - She is also slated for two spots in kids ministry. First, Kids Production Leader, where she will take what she has learned from serving with The Production Team in adult services and uses that information to create and run presentations for kids large group services each week. Second, Kids Large Group Actress, where she will rotate into the weekly live action plays every couple of weeks to provide a break for the regular cast.

- My work has gotten a little more bearable since training has ended. During training, I was streched the max and sleepy all the time. I still feel very streched across the board but I am able to rebound after work with a short power nap.

- Finances are tight but we are making it. We are very thankful to all who have been generous to help support us; every little bit helps out more than we can explain!

a little prayer.

If you want to pray for are some pertinents:

- Pray that Brandy & I find strength to persevere and stay focused on what the Lord is calling us to. There is a careful balance between diving in to all that is "here and now" and remaining on mission to what lies ahead.

- Pray that we can fend of sickness and allergies so that we can work our jobs, and serve and learn in the internship as best as possible.

- Pray that the Lord will provide clear routes to increased health for us. We are both on a strong pursuit to become better stewards of our bodies.

- Pray that we can continue to be healthy in our finances and that opportunites for increased funding will become available.

- Pray, as always, for our families and close friends back home. That they will be comforted when they miss us and encouraged by our resolve to honor Jesus with our lives.

thank you!

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