Intern Update .3

At the end of my most previous intern update, I wrote the following...

"We understand that we are not in a season focused on making money, enjoying a relaxed and comfortable life, or even a season defined by our previous blessings or success. We are in a season of growth...and growing, in any fashion, has pains associated with it. So pray that we will embrace the pains, enjoy the change, and be able to move forward as strongly as possible!"

Embracing our understanding of the season of life we are in has been increasingly tough over the last month and a half or so.

I remember sitting in our home in Roanoke, Brandy and I talking about the changes to come with our move, and pointing out how easy the whole process had been on the front end, on the Roanoke end. Our house was rented in the first week it was available to the first couple who viewed it. My contractual obligations for my custom tiling company ended in the perfect time frame. And so much more. Yet, we understood that obedience to God rarely comes without some level of sacrifice and/or uncomfortability...but until that point...everything was smooth.

Now. On the Georgia side of things. On the having already moved and began settling in side of things...the pains that come with growth are beginning to set in. The missing of friends and family. The longing for the city and people God has planted a passion within us to reach and love in Jesus' name. Our home. The freedom of running my own company. The blessing of financial growth. All of it.

But its OK. Because Jesus has our backs. He is carrying us. Strengthening us.

Challenging us. Inspiring us. Helping us. To fulfill what He has called us to do.

Yes. Some days are hard.

Yes. We need your prayers.

But, Yes. We are where we need to be. We are with Jesus.

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I was given the opportunity to close out a series of teachings called "Happiness is..." from the stage at Relevant Church on May 24th. If you would like to watch this message simply CLICK HERE.

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