There He was. Praying. Sweating. Bracing Himself for what was to come. A world of pain and betrayal was only a moment from flooding His reality.

Jesus was to be betrayed by one of His closest.

One of His friends.

One of His co-ministers.

One of His inner circle.

Judas sold Him out for money; threw away the most impactful relationship he had ever experienced...all for something momentary and ultimately worthless.

I too, have been betrayed; never to the level of the betrayal experienced by Jesus. And, quite frankly, never to the level of betrayal that you may have felt. But, nevertheless.

I look around and see friends stabbing friends in the back.

Gossip. Slander. Evil. Against those who trust them.

Against those who would take a knife, or a bullet in the back, in their stead.


I see Christians forsaking truth.

I see Christians forsaking grace.

I see Christians forsaking the Gospel.

Living lives that are betrayal in the face of Jesus.

Where has loyalty gone?

Does it exist any longer?

Will you put to death the betrayal in your life?

Betrayal to friends?

Betrayal to family?

Betrayal to Jesus?

Will you commit to something deeper, something better?

Will you commit to loyalty?

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