Slaves don't get Sabbath

July 20, 2015



I was walking my dog this morning and, as always, I was thinking.


About life, today's to-dos, all that's on the docket for this week, my wife, work, & money.

About how my hair is turning gray and falling out.

About ministry.


I just kept thinking of more things to think about...


Which just leads me to more things to do.


All of this thinking led me to one "sticking" thought.

"I am a slave, of sorts, and slaves don't get sabbath."


In a world of such busyness (the world you and I live in), it is hard to stop thinking and doing because there is ALWAYS something to think about and ALWAYS something that needs to be done. 


I am a slave to my schedule.

I am a slave to my brain and its endless ramblings.

I am a slave to busyness and getting things done.


Then...I thought...(maybe God's Spirit within me prompted me to think...)

"Jesus doesn't want me to be a slave; He died to set me free."


I immediately began to think about God's people in the old testament and how, as slaves to Egypt, they were denied their traditional practice, and need, of a sabbath day to rest, recuperate, refresh, and recharge. 


After God had saved them and free'd them...He told them this....

"Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and that
the Lord your God brought you out of there with a
mighty hand and an outstretched arm. Therefore
the Lord your God has commanded you to observe
the Sabbath day."  (Deuteronomy 5:15)


Today, there is a likely chance that you are feeling a little like I am. Enslaved.

But just as the Father showed Himself strong on behalf of His people then by freeing them from the exhaustion of slavery to Egypt...He has shown Himself strong on our behalves by saving us and freeing us from the slavery of Sin, and Shame, and even an over-busy Schedule.


Slaves don't get Sabbath.

But in Jesus, we aren't slaves.

We are free!

Lets find some rest!

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