Intern Update .4

Since my last "Intern Update" (read here), the main body of the summer has come and gone. I have traveled and worked and transitioned over and again from one thing to the next.

In June, I had an opportunity to participate in a "church planter's retreat" which was an incredible experience in the mountains of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I met new people and made new friends over the course of 4 days while we all adventured up a mountain on SUVs and, in another instance, down a 1,000' hill in a water filled blob with 2 other guys. More than anything, though, that time was capped with a couple of hours of authentic encouragement and prayer.

Also, in June, I was able to join with the student program as they went to "camp" at the 2015 Forward Conference. It was a spiritually jam-packed weekend of teaching, encouraging, and challenging to my Spirit. Two of our guys trusted Jesus to save them!!! Several other re-committed to Jesus as Lord in their lives. The stuff He did in me those few days has stuck with me in incredible ways.

In July, Brandy and I were excited to spend 8 days back home in Roanoke, VA. While there, we spent time with some family, Brandy worked back in the office, I installed a custom tile shower with my homeboy (employee & spiritual brother) Will, and...don't you doubt that we ate way too much of that delish, local, amazing food and spent way too much dough on craft coffee :)

Now, in August, Brandy and I are ramping up to actually lead a ministry at Relevant, where we are interning. After much prayer and discussion we have accepted the opportunity and challenge to lead PULSE, the middle & highschool student ministry. I will share more about this in my next "Intern Update..."


Please keep praying for Brandy and's how you can pray...

- Pray for us to "stay in this race" and run it with endurance and passion because there is a natural desire to throw our hands up when things get tough, when we face hardships, and when "life" just won't let us get a leg up on it.

- Pray that we will fire on all cylinders in this new student ministry leadership because the souls and daily lives of many kids are hanging on how we lead...and so is our success as interns.

- Pray that Adam can be successful in starting a new business in Home Inspections because his current job, while a blessing to have, is a hardship with regards to schedule and energy. AND, this new opportunity could provide stable income well into the future (even while planting the church).

- Pray that Brandy will find some level of relief in her job because the last year, and the last several months in particular, have been defined by mandatory overtime and high levels of stress and frustration.

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