A New Wave of Jesus

I cut my teeth in youth ministry.

A simplistic, old school, traditionally styled, strict theology youth ministry.

I was a part of the generation that the church turned away by refusing to adapt to what attracts people like me...by refusing to update...by refusing change.

Only a very few of us hung around after graduation and even fewer of us hung in there without throwing in the towel.

Today. I am back in youth ministry as a part of my internship and ultimate calling to plant a church and serve as lead pastor. AND what I am seeing is exciting!

I AM SEEING A NEW WAVE OF JESUS that is crashing over our culture of students in a way that I have never seen and in a way that I doubt it ever has before. It is causing students to connect with Jesus and His Church in profound ways. They aren't leaving. They aren't dreading the weekly trek to the church house because the church is embracing change; and, ultimately, embracing Jesus more than ever!

The students I am involved with directly are catching fire; they are pumped up about our program "Pulse," what Jesus is going to do through it, and how there is an opportunity for them to invite and bring their friends to a cool atmosphere where they just might have their lives saved!

There are also tons of students that I am indirectly connected to; whether through churches I have served at in the past or even churches that I look to with admiration. These students are also catching fire in Jesus' name. They aren't ashamed of the Gospel because they know its the power of God for Salvation!!!

There is A NEW WAVE OF JESUS about to crash over our world and it isn't in the form of the elders, the middle aged, or the 30 somethings...it is in the form of Students!

If you are interested in Pulse, Relevant Church's program for Middle & High School Students, you can connect with us online across varied social media platforms by searching /relevantpulse and at www.gorelevant.com/students