Strategic Blinking

I stand in one spot for hours at a time. Reaching and grabbing to my right, transfering to my left. First the sliced chicken crossaint, then the black forest ham on rye. One sandwich after another placed so closely to the other that the meat from one overlaps the next. Oops. The tomatoe just fell out of that sandwich! I pitty the fool who buys that one! And so forth and so on the day goes on the commissary line where I work.

As I stand there (working, making nickles, spending dollars), I remember that its been a while since I last blinked. So I close my eyes. Open. Close again. Open. Close again. And then back to the eyes wide opened, robotic transfering of sandwiches from one line to the other.

When I work at this position, I forget to blink. Its a fast paced job and I always wanna do a good job so I focus on the product and forget to blink. My eyes get tired; they burn at the end of the day. My sight actually becomes blurry each day on my drive home. I vow to myself, "tomorrow, I won't forget to blink."

Then, Tomorrow is today. 6:30 hits. That means first break. I grab my bag, find an empty table and sit with myself for 15 fleeting minutes. I grab a bite, take a sip, and realize..."dang it, I have forgotten to blink!" I can feel the burn setting in again.

Back on the line now, sandwiches begin to hustle towards me. "Blink, dang it! Blink!" So I do. Strategically. Not as naturally as I should but I do it. I strategically blink! Its for my own good, it keeps me sane, it keeps me alive.

Upon deeper reflection I conclude that this act of strategic blinking is something that is missing in every realm of my life. The hustle. The bustle. It all becomes too much far too quickly. I get wrapped up in the...whatever. I forget to blink. I forget to do that oh so natural thing. I forget that this moment will be followed by another and then another. As I come to my senses...I must blink! I must strategically blink. So I do. You MUST do the same.

Strategic blinking: a temporary relief to the stress and the exaspiration of lifes moments. Lets do it. Lets make it regular. It will provide us more life than we can imagine.

Blink with me. Strategically blink!