Do you have 12 minutes?

I have been a Christian for nearly 20 years.

In this time, I have wrestled against sin and many obstacles to my faith. It wasn't until I was 18 years old that I really began to walk with Jesus in a consistent way. I had went to church faithfully and even tried to read my Bible from time to time...but for one reason or the other, I couldn't really connect with God on my own. I would open the bible to confusion and frustration and eventually throw in the towel (again).

Somewhere along the line of trying and failing and trying again, several years ago, it finally started to click for me. I finally found a groove that worked for me to actually get something from my time in the scripture. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

While my groove may not work for you...there is something that I began doing that I believe is the cause for success beyond the details of the habit itself. Until recently, I didn't know what "this thing" was...I just knew it was there. Finally, I get it! Finally, someone with wisdom that runs much deeper than my own clarifies what lies at the core of really connecting with God through His word and His many glories...

Listen to this 12 minute podcast for a heartfelt, life-changing appeal from Pastor John Piper straight from the word of God.

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