Intern Update .5

The fall has come and past. Now we sit in the middle of a Georgia winter. Which, if you have ever experienced one, is a fickle season of warmth and rain, and cold that becomes bitter when the wind blows.


Brandy and I were honored to be invited to join many families from church for their annual meal. With time constraints of work and ministry check-lists, we actually spent some time with one family who welcomed us warmly. It was a wonderful evening filled with delicious foods, amazing talent, enjoyable conversation, and lovely people.


Christmas at Relevant, the church where we intern was amazing. Attendance records were set, tons of people trusted Jesus to save them, and the entire experience was electric even though we took a more classic approach to the service which closed in a moving candle light moment. On the personal side, I struggled through services and slept through Christmas day with some kind of flu-like sickness. That part was a bummer.


We are glad to welcome 2016 as it means many exciting things for us in life and in ministry. We are praying for strength after all the stretching we did in 2015. We are asking King Jesus for some things that are out of our control...but fully within His realm of blessing!


As I have shared before...this season of learning and growing is also full of the pains associated with learning and growing. Some days hurt. Heck. Some months hurt. But we are holding on to the promises of God. His grace strengthens us when we are weak and forgives us when we fall. There is no doubt that this is the toughest season of life Brandy and I have ever experienced BUT, when we come out on the other side, I am confident we will look back and see that it was also the most valuable season we have ever experienced!


Pulse, the student ministry at Relevant, has allowed Brandy and I to learn and relearn a lot of very valuable lessons that I am sure will guide us in future decisions. Beyond that, it is nothing short of amazing to see students who actually want MORE of Jesus! It is truly a pleasure to lead this ministry even if for just a short while.

Thanks for caring, thanks for your prayers,

thanks for your support!