Sitting with Jesus

We are all called to sit with Jesus.

There is great value in the philosophy of walking with God. Walks produce good conversations and fond memories and allow for experiences one would otherwise never enjoy. Walks are good. But when I sit down over a meal, or for a coffee (my favorite), the conversation and the intimacy goes to a new level. There isn't a competition to see who can get to that bridge before the other person. It isn't about getting some place by a certain time or going a quarter mile further than last time. We are not side to side, we are face to face. We don't have to infer or guess at emotion, we can see it on one another's face. We can lean in. I "walk" with God as I live my life but I choose to start that "walk" each day by "sitting" with Jesus. Most days, it happens when I open up the Bible and scour it for what Jesus wants to say to me today. Many times, what He has to say to me blows my mind and changes my perspective.

Whatever our gifts & talents & abilities, we are called to sit with Jesus.

Maybe the better and more profound way to look at it is that you are invited to sit with Jesus. Creator and King. Savior & Sustainer. He invites us into intimacy with Him. When you spend this time with Jesus, even though you are focused on what He has to say to you, there is a selfless spirit as you focus less on what you are wired to do well and more upon the raw character of our Lord to save and sustain you through all of life. You don't get to know Jesus as well when you are preforming or working hard as you do when you sit down with Him on a consistent basis.

We have to balance our calling to sit with Jesus.

Some people sit too long. Thats called laziness. Sometimes its also called seminary. Sometimes, people sit with Jesus but focus on what Jesus has to say to others who they may have influence over rather than what He has to say to themselves. I have personally struggled with all of the balance issues you could think of. I spent five full years studying the Bible at an academic level...a time when I was more interested in what the word meant in Hebrew or Greek and less concerned about what Jesus wanted to craft in me. I've also been in ministry for nearly 10 years now at some capacity...and I have to consistently balance the time I sit with Jesus for me and the time I sit with Jesus to share what I learn with others. Sitting with Jesus doesn't meet its potential unless it is balanced. For me, that looks like 45 minutes to an hour of prayer, bible reading, deep thinking, and journaling. It will look different for you. But you will find, just as I have, that we have to fight for it; but we also have to balance it or else it will become something that it was never meant to be: weak.

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