There are few things that people can say they have done for 20 years. Only the rare individual holds a job for that long. Only the even rarer, a marriage. For me, there is hardly anything except personality and struggle that I have held onto for so long and even those have changed in large form.

God, on the otherhand, He is really good at doing things for a long time. 20 years looks like a drop in the ocean; one speck of sand on the seashore. But from one man or woman's perspective, 20 years paired with God's unconditional love and umatched glory and power could be the most amazing period in history. It could certainly change their lives.

20 years ago, I had just entered into that time of life when a child moves from innocence to guilt. Guilty because I now knew the full difference between wrong and right, good and bad.

I went to church back then (only by God's plan) that was faithful to share the Gospel of Jesus on a weekly basis and after hearing it explained many time and in many different ways God chose to make it "real" to me. I trusted Jesus to save me and He did.

For years following, to my disdain, I rebelled in various ways against my Savior. I won't list them now. Just know that for a long time, so much of what I was a part of...wasn't pretty or honorable.

It was a solid 12 years before I realized that God's plans for my life were better than my plans. That His way was better, and is better, than my way. And so, at a faith based camp in the mountains of North Carolina, God wrecked my heart night after night until all that I had was layed at His feet. I surrendered ALL to Him. My sins. My shames. My plans. My entire life. Finally, I trusted the man who saved me to be my Lord.

Since then, He has allowed me to be a part of some great things.

He has placed me in a leadership role to many.

He has allowed me to play a role in the salvation of more than I can count.

I wasn't very faithful to Him all these 20 years.

But Jesus sure has been faithful to me.

He has humbled me. Broken me. Fixed me. Blessed me.

And through it all, whether I was in the right or in the wrong...