Too Young & Inexperienced

King David wasn't always a fearsome King.

He was once a young shepherd boy with a scrawny flock of sheep, a geezerly dad, some pessimistic brothers, and a jealous leader surrounded by cowardice troops fighting for his future and the future of a nation. But he also had a humble heart and deep faith in God.

When David was ready to face Israel's foe all he heard was " you're too young and inexperienced" and your foe has a pedigree.

In 2014 my wife, Brandy, and I went to an assessment (glorified interview) for church planting. We were looking for someone to walk with us through the church planting process we believed God had called us into. After a few hours of interviews, we entered our exit session where, with only a small degree of variation, we were told that we were "too young and inexperienced" and to try again in 10 years. Our passion and purpose in life didn't match up to someone else's pedigree.

I think there is a reason why God has had me working with kids and students so much in my life. I don't think its because the end game He has designed is for me to be a youth pastor. I think its because He's been teaching me something that I could never teach myself. Oh, I've said the words and I've even believed it about others...but I believe God has been trying to tell me that age and experience is not the deciding factor in the difference I can make.

I'm 26 now. My wife is 23. By the time we finally plant the church God has challenged us to plant...Ill be 28. Youth is fleeting. I fear that I have allowed too many voices to dictate my direction rather than leaning on God's decree over me. Is it too late? NO. (Laughing) People are still telling me I am too young. Life keeps throwing us curve balls that proclaim our experience and pedigree to be insufficient. But its not true. Its a lie. Its criticism. Its pessimism.

I see the potential in so many. If you took the time to read this when you could have watched some more entertaining video on YouTube...I see the potential in you. I take heart in the fact that what God allows me to see in others...He sees in me. And I'm so thankful that He does and that He doesn't give up on me when I begin to believe what the world keeps telling me.

I am not too young and inexperienced!

Neither are you!

These thoughts were inspired by time I spent "Sitting with Jesus"

To read the Bible text that inspired these thoughts click "HERE"

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